Man finds rare $30,000 card during live Magic: The Gathering deck opening

Look for it around the 8:00 mark of the video — and, yes, the collector value of the card is appraised at $30K

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Designer Edition Bitter Woods

New from Compass Games. Designer Edition Bitter Woods recreates the famous battle that began on December 16th 1944, as Germany launched its last, desperate offensive in the West. The result was The Battle of the Bulge, a brutal struggle in a dismal winter landscape set against an enemy imbued with a fanatic conviction that victory could be snatched from defeat. STILL AVAILABLE AT PREORDER PRICE OF $65 PLUS SHIPPING. A SAVINGS OF $20 OFF RETAIL.

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how do I change my profile icon? — Asked by Anonymous

Log in at CSW Forum and hit the PREFERENCES button in the bottom toolbar. From here, select the “Your Picture" text link to upload your web formatted image.

ARES Game Design Contest #2: Girls Got Game

One Small Step Games, publisher of Ares Magazine, is hosting its second Game Design Contest! Winner gets $100 USD — and you could get up to $1000 if your game is published in the magazine. This contest is for women only. Why? While the gaming industry is remarkably inclusive, female game designers still face many challenges. OSS wants to engage and bolster the participation and visibility of female game designers. Note that amateurs and professionals are both invited to submit designs. [Contest details]

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Looking Ahead to ARES Magazine Issue #2

With the premiere issue of ARES Magazine under their belt, One Small Step Games released more details about the content of their next issue. Issue #2 features six original science fiction and fantasy stories and the second installment in the ongoing novelette The Fall. Also included is an interview with voice actor Dino Andrade, best known for his villainous portrayals of Scarecrow in Batman: Arkham Asylum and the characters of Mimiron, Professor Putricide, and High Tinkerer Mekkatorque in World of Warcraft. The second issue will also include CFS Quicksilver, a two-player game that takes place onboard a frigate-class starship in the not-too-distant future. One player controls the actions of the human crew while the other controls an alien infestation. Choose from a variety of subscription options, including a six-issue subscription for $120 and a new three-issue starter plan for $78.

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A Weekend At LnL Publishing

David Lowry of Club Fantasci writes about his Weekend at LnL Publishing as they outline the future plans for the company and upcoming games

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VaeVictis #117: Age of Aces

New from VaeVictisAge of Aces (1914-1918) is the insert game of VaeVictis #117 Special Edition. The game simulates dogfights between WW1 fighters. It includes one A3 size map, 108 die-cut counters and one rules booklet (in French, English rules can be downloaded here. Price: 14,95 €.

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Adowa Preorder

Now available for preorder from Acies Edizioni. Adowa recreates the first significant defeat of an European power in Africa. Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II managed to defeat an Italian army through a combination of bravery, deficiencies in the Italian chain of command, and well exploited chances during the battle. Visit product page for preorder pricing based on you region. Bonus material! map, counters and rules for Battle of Dogali — a scenario for Ascari is also included with this game.

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War and Seas Preorder

Update: Price discounted…now only 39 euros or USD $49 for first 500 preorders!

Now available for preorder from a new wargame publisher, Wargame Process Edition. War and Seas covers naval battles during the epic age of sail. Ships in 3D make for a compelling gaming experience. Our philisophy is to concentrate on vessel capabilities with a highly playable system, with a focus on sails, the hull, crewmen, cannons, leading officer, etc. Preorder Price: 49 € / USD $59 (reduced price!)

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Andean Abyss: In-depth Review

And in-depth review of Andean Abyss, courtesy of the Forward HQ and Dr. Arrigo Velicogna. The review is in three parts, and the first two have been published. Read them here: Part I | Part II

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Antcolonygames Magazine Issue #1

New from AntcolonygamesAntcolonygames Magazine is the digital magazine with the game inside. It is about experiencing history, using animated maps and playable simulations. Each issue will focus on a specific historical event or period. This premier issue #1 looks at the encirclement battles that took place in the Russian Baltic region in June of 1941. The app requires iOS 4.3 or higher, and runs on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Available at the App Store for $2.99.

Green Hell Replay

ER Bickford @ CSW Forum [related story]

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