World at War #38: Ghost Division

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War issue #38 featuring the insert game, Ghost Division. Ghost Division is a solitaire game in which you, the player, takes command of General Erwin Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division during the drive across Belgium and France in those heady days of May and June of 1940. As your forces drive across the map, they will encounter various Allied Forces, represented by face down Fog of War and Allied Formation counters. When encountering an Allied Formation, play temporarily stops in order to resolve the Combat Sequence, with the game system generating forces that your own forces will have to defeat. Contents: One 22x34” map, 228 counters. Price: $30.

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Don't Tread on Me!

New from White Dog Games. Don’t Tread On Me! is a solitaire game of the American War of Independence, available in boxed, folio (poly-bag), and print-and-play formats. Designed by award-winning designer R. Ben Madison, the game includes a 17”x11” game map, 88 thick, laser-cut counters and markers, 16-page rulebook, Turn Record Sheet, and Player Aid Sheet. Game features include Land and Naval Combat, Rebel Campaigning, Loyalist Strongholds, Random Events, Logistics, Smuggling, French Intervention, and more! See product page for pricing/packaging options.

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D-Day at Tarawa

New from Decision GamesD-Day at Tarawa is a solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Betio Island in the Tarawa Atoll. The US marines assaulting the tiny island, with its strategically vital airstrip, found themselves in their toughest battle of World War II, a fight to the death against 5000 Japanese defenders. This game advances the solitaire game system of its award-winning predecessor D-Day at Omaha Beach to the next level. You control the US forces against a tenacious Japanese defense. An innovative diceless combat system highlights unknown enemy deployments and the importance of the right weapons and tactics. Event cards keep the action flowing and the rules simple, while introducing extensive historical detail.

Contents:1 33”x22” game map, 352 die cut counters, 55 event cards, Rules booklet, and Player aid cards. Price: $60.

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Video trailer for upcoming release from Hexasim. Great War Commander is based on the popular Combat Commander series created by Chad Jensen where two players take turns playing “Fate cards” in order to activate military units on the mapboard. GWC offers many new and unique elements to its parent system. The maps are deeper, allowing more playing surface to maneuver two battalion-size forces facing each other. There are several new orders, like Offensive, Runner, and Machine Gun Suppress. There are over 30 actions including Engineering works, Go to Ground, and Rolling Barrage and much more. And there are 40 events dealing with experiences unique to the times, such as Tanks and Sturmtruppen. Preorder details coming soon. [watch @youtube]

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Ascari Replay

ER Bickford @ CSW Forum [video review]

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Knight's Cross of Iron

New from Six Angles Japan. Knight’s Cross of Iron is a special, boxed edition that includes two wargames designed by Masahiro Yamazaki — Paulus’ 6th Army and Zitadelle: Duel for Kursk 1943.

The original edition of Paulus’ 6th Army and Zitadelle: Duel for Kursk 1943 were published by Six Angles in 2005 and 2009 as issue games of #10 and #13. This renewal editions are with improved components; both of counters and game-maps. Rules of Play in English and English version of charts and tables will be provided as PDF files (printed matter not included). English rules for Paulus’ 6th Army are available for download.

Preorder Price: $100 (save $12) is still available if you order now. See product page for shipping fees. Paypal only accepted at:

Boosting Pre-Orders from the UK & EU

For some time now pre-orders from the US to Europe have been suffering due to the cost of postage, duty and the ubiquitous and swinging ‘handling fees’ imposed by the postal services.

Limey Yank Games is offering its sponsors a service that allows these costs to be minimized to the benefit of the end customer. This arrangement benefits both parties as publishers see increased Pre-Order Sales and customer get reduced overall costs. Titles that are benefiting from this arrangement include Clash of Arms’ Legion of Honor and Legion Wargames Dien Bien Phu. Those wishing to take advantage of the DBP offer need to get their orders in quickly as the game is already shipping and the Pre-Order price expires at the end of September.

Alfred the Great

New from Red King Games. Alfred the Great is a print-n-play game that commences the series in 871AD where the indomitable Alfred the Great is set to do battle with the Vikings of the Great Heathen Army. The games are relatively low complexity, and should take somewhere between 1-2 hours. The battle mechanics are designed to be straight forward but the decisions faced by the Saxon and Viking player will reflect the choices, tactical and strategic that both Kings had to make in those dark days of the late Ninth Century. A miniatures version of the game is also available. Price: $7.50.

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Comancheria Development Site

Game designer, Joel Toppen, has created a dedicated development site for his upcoming release, Comancheria, which is based around Joel’s first game design, Navajo Wars. Available now for preorder from GMT Games.

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WarBirds: Canvas Falcons

WarBirds: Canvas Falcons is a new WWI module for the Warbirds game system. Available as a PnP download. Price: $30

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Great War at Sea Series Review

Paul Comben @ The Boardgaming Life

Bonus Material: Read the accompanying piece, “A Study of Naval Warfare in the Great War Era

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Battle for Stalingrad Review

Gerald D. Swick @ Armchair General

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