Hellfire Pass Preorder

Now available for preorder from Consim Press. Hellfire Pass is a World War II simulation of the British Battleaxe offensive on 15-17 June, 1941. Operation Brevity is also included as an introductory scenario. This game marks a long-awaited, new chapter for the fast-playing, operational-level system enjoyed by many in Beda Fomm – a classic Frank Chadwick game design. The popularity of the game system is its blend of simple gaming mechanics that delivers fast-paced, nail-biting action suitable for solitaire or competition play. Preorder Price: $31 (save $14). [preorder direct @ GMT Games]

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Five New P500 Additions from GMT Games

GMT Games just announced five new additions to their P500 program. Be sure to check out their Sept. 2 announcement which introduces the following five titles:

  • Comancheri­a, Joel Toppen’s 2nd “First Nations” solitaire game
  • Hitler’s Reich, a fast-and-fun World War II game from Mark McLaughlin and Fred Schachter
  • The Dark Sands, a WWII North Africa game from Ted Raicer that uses the same system as his popular (and sold out) The Dark Valley
  • Time of Crisis, from Wray Ferrell and Brad Johnson. This is a 2-4 player clash of Roman dynasties, from 235-284 A.D.
  • A Thunder Alley Track Pack of four new tracks compatible with both Thunder Alley and Grand Prix

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Combat Commander Expansions Review

Robert Delwood @ Armchair General

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Waterloo – An Utter Waste of Time

Paul Comben @ The Boardgaming Life

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Several Ways with The Hundred Days

Paul Comben @ The Boardgaming Life

This is a  a light look at all the Waterloo campaign games I have owned and played over the years. I have tried to include just about anything with at least some campaign element to it, but pure recreations of the climatic battle are not present – so no Wellington’s Victory or The Thin Red Line etc.

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Day in History: 2 September


The Summer of 1863

New from Pacific Rim Publishing. The Summer of 1863 is Tom Eskey’s point-to-point look at the Gettysburg Campaign featuring map graphics by Todd Davis. This game sets the political, economic, and military aspects of the turning point campaign in the Eastern theater of the American Civil War. The Southern forces reach for economic targets, striping victuals form farmlands and commissariat materials from towns as they maneuver to cut communications between major cities in order to isolate Washington, DC. The Northern forces deploy to block route to key cities. Both sides watching for the opportunity to bring their opponent into a Major Battle that will tip the scales of victory in their favor. Price: $30 postpaid in the USA, APO, FPO, DPO. Order at justplain.comConsimWorld members earn $5 off by using Coupon Code CSW-1863 at checkout. Offer expires Sept. 22, 2014.

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Diffraction Entertainment Special Offer

Special offer from Diffraction Entertainment, in association with mataka.org. Anyone ordering a game from Diffraction Entertainment between Sat., August 16 2014 and Sun., August 31 2014 will receive a 30% discount on any currently released products. To receive this discount, email john-bannerman@live.co.uk and provide the discount code MATAKAORG1/30. [special offer]

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Hell's Gate - A Boardgaming Way Review

Mitch Freedman @ The Boardgaming Way

What you get in Hell’s Gate is a really good introduction to war gaming and a really, really good lesson in reading the rules. Plus an innovative play sequence, which should drive old hands up the wall until they go back and really read the rules and understand what they are trying to do.

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Hoplite Review

Sean Stevenson @ Armchair General

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Iron and Oak - A Boardgaming Life Review

Mitchell Freedman @ The Boardgaming Life [related story]

Iron and Oak is a game of naval combat, with several  scenarios in the “brown water” rivers and bays where navigation can become a problem. So can the enemy forts that go on the edge of the map and can use plunging fire on the ships below.

Players might run into shoals and have to get their ship re-floated, or they could encounter mines or other obstructions, or powerful currents which can carry their ships where they don’t want to go. There are damage control parties, tables of critical hits, and – perhaps most important – die rolls which determine not only the results of combat, but whether a captain can move his ship at all.

Bad captain, green crew, shallow water…what could go wrong?

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Day in History: 17 August


Day in History: 10 August