New York 1776 @ Kickstarter

Now on Kickstarter from Worthington Publishing. New York 1776 is a Revolutionary War game that allows you to replay the campaign around New York City. Save the revolution or crush it. [visit Kickstarter page]


Victory in Europe @ Kickstarter

Columbia Games is pleased to announce that Victory in Europe reached it’s Kickstarter funding target in 4 days. This means the game will certainly be released this July. As of today, gamers have 21 more days to join in and reserve a deluxe Kickstarter edition of this new game.


Corregidor Preorder Promo

Special offer from Legion Wargames. CORREGIDOR is now at 219 pre-orders. After the pre-order goal of 250 is reached, the winner of a FREE copy of the published game will be selected from among all pre-order customers. Preorder here and save $20 over the post-publication price!


France '40 Review

There is little to complain about in GMT’s France ‘40. The games comes with two stand-alone scenarios, each with its own map. “Sickle Cut” covers the Germans’ attempts to cross the Meuse and race into the Allied backfield, while” Operation Dynamo” focuses on the Allies’ retreat to Dunkirk. The rules are fairly simple but give a good feel of the events of May 1940. A rule requiring the Allies to randomly draw reinforcement chits reflects the confusion of the French-British response to the German blitzkrieg and insures no two games will play exactly alike.

Ed William @ Armchair General

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Day in History: 17 April


Day in History: 11 April


C4 Corner Cutter Tax Day Sale


Now through April 15, the C4 Corner Cutter, the tool that greatly speeds up monotonous counter clipping, can be purchased for $16.95 (save $3) on Ebay or direct from Dave King Freelance Associates. The C4 speeds up the tedious task of clipping counters and it costs less than a game and makes every wargame better. And remember, 1st Class shipping is always Free to APO/FPO addresses. For more information email, or go to www.daveking-c4.comThe Tax Day Sale ends midnight April 15.


Joel Toppen treats us to an “Inside the Box” episode covering Pacific War — one of the great Mark Herman designs from back in the day (Victory Games) [watch @youtube]

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Day in History: 10 April


Premium 1914, Offensive à outrance Map

New from Oregon Consim Games. A premium, limited edition map for Offensive à Outrance. The map is printed on heavy paper with the dimensions enlarged to 115% scale. The result is an increase in surface area by 32%. It comes in two sheets of 48″×28½″, for an overall size of 48″×56″ (same size as that playtested at CSW Expo, and it fits perfectly on two folding tables). [related story]

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World War I’s Battle of Verdun Remembered


Fortress Malta

New from Avalanche Press. Island of Death: Fortress Malta is an expansion book adding 420 pieces, seven scenarios and reams of variants, history and analysis to the Island of Death board game. Price: $39.99.