Premium 1914, Offensive à outrance Map

New from Oregon Consim Games. A premium, limited edition map for Offensive à Outrance. The map is printed on heavy paper with the dimensions enlarged to 115% scale. The result is an increase in surface area by 32%. It comes in two sheets of 48″×28½″, for an overall size of 48″×56″ (same size as that playtested at CSW Expo, and it fits perfectly on two folding tables). [related story]

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World War I’s Battle of Verdun Remembered


Fortress Malta

New from Avalanche Press. Island of Death: Fortress Malta is an expansion book adding 420 pieces, seven scenarios and reams of variants, history and analysis to the Island of Death board game. Price: $39.99.


Suspense & Decision Magazine

Suspense & Decision magazine is free to download magazine published at PlayByMail.Net, The focus is on PBM (Play By Mail) and turn-based gaming.

Day in History: 9 April


Operation Battleaxe review by Marco Arnaudo [watch]


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Episode #19 of Guns, Dice, Butter — a wargaming podcast featuring a series of conversations with members of the wargaming tribe hosted by Herr Dr. This episode features the following segments. [listen here]

  • 0:05 Discussion with Ben Hull, designer of the incredible Musket & Pike Series. Additionally, we talk about his series Fields of Fire and his soon to be published operational series titled Won by the Sword
  • 1:35 Discussion with J.R.Tracy and Jim Doughan regarding games published in 2013, wargaming experiences and various multi-player wargames
  • 2:43 Wrap up: On our wargaming desk, shout outs and Guns, Dice, Butter news


Episode 18.0 of Hexes & Soldiers covers the four battles that collectively became known as The Battle of Monte Cassino. The Fallschirmjaeger get some attention and finally there is a review of the Avalon Hill game Thunder at Cassino. [watch @youtube]

Hitler Turns East Review

Arrigo Velicogna @ Forward HQ

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Day in History: 8 April

Day in History: 8 April

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Day in History: 7 April

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  • John Kranz: We'll have newsdesk updates starting tonight (Monday).