Day in History: 8 August

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Seriously!?! One of the coolest gaming rooms I’ve ever seen on display, and befitting of one who is Assistant Professor at U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Eric Monroe Walters — we salute you!

Day in History: 7 August


The Mighty Endeavor: Expanded Edition

New from Multi-Man Publishing. The Mighty Endeavor: Expanded Edition is both an updated version (with errata corrected, a couple of counters added, and other counters made to conform to the Expansion) covering the Western Front from the D-Day landings until the end of April 1945 and an expansion to the original game that adds the Eastern Front from just east of Warsaw during the same time period and a small map attachment that adds the Brittany Peninsula. Price: $58. [related story]

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Line of Departure 'Japan at War' Bundle


Special offer from Line of Departure. Get a bundle price on five back issues, all including projects covering Japan’s conflicts, from the Russo-Japanese War through World War II in the Pacific. Among the games covered are:

  • Red Sun Rising (SPI)
  • U.S. Navy War Plan Orange (Avalanche Press)
  • Storm Over Taierzhuang (Against the Odds)
  • The Solomons Campaign (World at War)
  • The Fall of the Philippines (Panzer Digest)
  • Saipan 1944 (Avalanche Press)
  • Defeat Into Victory (Against the Odds)

Order the ‘Japan at War’ bundle today! 

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Deep-Cut Studio Game Mats

Deep-Cut Studio is a manufacturer of wargame mats, RPG, miniature and other gaming maps, along with terrain scenery. Be sure to check out their full inventory for your table top gaming needs — covering all genres, including desert and city fighting, space warfare, naval, etc.

Panzer Grenadier: The Fourth Age

Available now for download from Avalanche Press. World War II tactical combat just got even more fun with the new Fourth Edition rules for Panzer Grenadier. You can download them here. And look for four new boxed games and two reprints to be released shortly featuring these Fourth Edition rules. Gold Club members can still get special Early Order prices, if they hurry!

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The Next War AAR Blog

[update: visit the site for the 1 Aug. entry on game play]
A dedicate site capturing a replay for The Next War (SPI) campaign, featuring maps, photos and comments.

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Day in History: 6 August


Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers is a political board game of the early American Republic from the Washington administration to the outbreak of the Civil War. As in The Republic of Rome (TM), players control factions of statesmen. Together they attempt the many issues that threaten the young Republic. This boxed game is now available at The Game Crafter, with graphic design by Luca Cammisa. Price: $69.99. [related story]

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Task Force Pocket Games: A Vintage Review

Joe Heaney @ Games on Table provides this trip down memory lane with a two-part series on Task Force Games Pocket Games [Read Part I | Part II]

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