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Wise Bayonets Preorder

Preorder now from ACIES Edizione. Wise Bayonets depicts the Battle of Trebbia, June 1799, in north Italy between French and Austro-Russian armies. The game features the same game system as Masséna at Loano, integrated with rules needed to reflect the different battle terrain and tactical situation (such as greater emphasis on cavalry). Preorder Price: 32 Euros.


Obbedisco! Preorder

Preorder from ACIES EdizioneObbedisco! covers the daring Bezzecca mountain warfare campaign, waged by Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi. This operational-level game uses a Chit drawing activation method to create uncertainty in initiative and a combat system that stresses fatigue over real casualties. Obbedisco! include variable movement of units, leader initiatives, morale, force march, fortifications, supply, etc. Preorder Price: 17,50 euros (or preorder the game bundle with Caricat! for only 30,50 euros).

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Braccio da Montone review by Marco Arnaudo [watch]

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Braccio da Montone


New from Acies Edizioni. Braccio da Montone marks the third entry in the Guelphs & Ghibellines game series. This game simulates the two major battles fought by the Condottiero — Sant’Egidio (July 12, 1416), whereby he became Lord of Perugia and l’Aquila (June 2, 1424), in which he was defeated and mortally wounded. Price: 49 euros.

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Ascari review by Marco Arnaudo [watch | related story]


Ascari Preorder

Preorder from ACIES Edizioni. Ascari is a company-level game covering the Italian Battles of the African Army, 1890-95. This game recounts action took place in Eritrea, the first Italian Colony, spanning four main battles. Included are two separate battles of Agordat against the Dervishes, Amba Alagi, and Coatit against the Ethiopians. A bonus scenario depicting the battle of Metemma between the Dervishes and the Ethiopian Emperor Johannes IV is also included. Preorder Price: 24 euros (worldwide shipment).


Masséna at Loano review by Marco Arnaudo [watch | related story]


Masséna at Loano

New from ACIES Edizioni. Masséna at Loano is a two-player simulation of Napoleonic warfare at the regimental/battalion level during the Revolutionary Wars period. This title delivers a unique gaming experience by covering mountain warfare in the age of the French Revolutionary Wars. English rules included. Price: 29 euros.


Sa Battalla

Sa Battalla published by Acies Edizioni.
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