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Hot Deal on Cold Harbor

Special offer from Against the Odds Magazine. Now, for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Cold Harbor, you can get a copy of Against the Odds Magazine issue #19 along with our award winning Not War But Murder game inside free with special purchases. [offer details]


Cinco de Mayo Offer from ATO

Against the Odds Magazine is using Cinco de Mayo as a time for customers to “sync up” their collections by picking up “Annual” issues at a big discount. ATO produces one extra-sized issue per year, with a bigger game and more articles (hence the “Annual”). Pick up one or more now, and you can also get a discount on the game Cactus Throne, which covers the events in Mexico in which the first “Cinco de Mayo” took place. The special lasts all May, starting now!

These Brave Fellows Review

Richard Mataka @


Biggest (Little) Leipzig Game Ever, for FREE!

Against the Odds Magazine is releasing four new “Pocket Battle” games that each cover one facet of the Battle of Leipzig — the biggest battle of the Napoleonic Wars. Each mapboard (the size of a post card) is a self-contained game all its own (Pictured is “MARSCHALL VORWÄRTS!” from the NW section.), but it’s possible to put all four together for a big (little) rendition of the entire battle. And, through the month of October, a special purchase at ATO will get you all four pocket battles, die-cut counters, and special rules for combining the four, all for FREE! [Learn more]

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Hungarian Nightmare review by Marco Arnaudo [watch]

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ATO 2012 Annual Edition: Forlorn Hopes

New from Against the Odds Magazine. Forlorn Hopes is the 2012 annual ATO edition covering the last really successful operation of the Japanese in WWII, a seldom-examined campaign to take the Dutch East Indies (with their vital supplies of oil and rubber). Though the campaign is often viewed as a walk-over, the “ABDA” alliance managed to cobble together a defense which almost made things very difficult…which means the situation is perfect as a “can you do better?” challenge for both sides. Forlorn Hopes integrates air, sea, and land operations with a full color map, large, die-cut counters, the extra large magazine issue filled with articles, and a ‘bonus’ game — Graf Spee, which will not be available separately. Prices starting at $44.95.

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Fortress Berlin Special Offer

Special offer from Against the Odds Magazine. April, 1945. The last major battle of WW2 in Europe begins. Berlin. To commemorate the Battle for Berlin, ATO Magazine is running a special offer, now through May 3rd, 2013… full of choices!

Fortress Berlin is an award-winner and ATO’s best-selling game of all time. Now you can have it, for FREE. And, you can score every expansion and variant too! You will find a “Column A” and a “Column B” of choices — great deals — and can score either a complete, ziplock version, or a deluxe, boxed version, crammed full of extras, including the “On to Berlin” variant. [view special offer]

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Cyber-Monday meets the 200th Anniversary of Napoleon Crossing the Berezina!


Special offer from Against the Odds Magazine. Now through November 29, you can earn a complete copy of ATO issue #4, including the game, Napoleon at the Berezina, for FREE by placing a qualifying order. Learn more about getting this FREE game with your qualifying purchase. Offer valid through Nov. 29, so act now!

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Buzz Bombs over Israel

What ATO’s War With a Vengeance can tell us about the Israel-Hamas conflict.
Michael Peck @ Foreign Policy Magazine


ATO Special Commemorates Disastrous Schweinfurt Raid

[expired] Special offer from Against the Odds Magazine. ATO commemorates the Oct 14th, 1943 Disastrous Schweinfurt Raid — also known as the “Second Raid on Schweinfurt” or “Black Thursday,” by offering a copy of our challenging W2 solitaire air combat game “Schwarm!” FREE with any order placed on the ATO website October 11th through Midnight Oct 17th. Simply type in “Horrido" in the promotional code field (be sure to then hit the button to “apply” it) on the ATO website order form along with your order and you’ll get this Jeremy White & Mark Aasted game included at no charge.