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Bobby Lee review by Marco Arnaudo [watch @youtube | related story]

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Holdfast Russia 1941-1942

New from Worthington Publishing. Holdfast Russia 1941-1942 is a block game that portrays the bitter fighting between German and Russian forces. The game plays in 2 to 3 hours and has only 5 pages of rules, yet reflects the historical campaign. It is the first of our Campaigns of World War II series. Clean mechanics and a manageable number of units allow for the entire campaign to be played in a evening. Objectives are clear. Hold two of the three victory location cities at the end of the game. But with mud and supplies a constant factor, German armor always a threat, and winter bringing a boost to Russian resources and manpower, it is not easy for either side to HOLDFAST. Price: $65. [View PDF Tutorial]

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Rommel in the Desert review by Enrico CS Viglino [watch | extensive video coverage]


Victory in Europe @ Kickstarter

Columbia Games is pleased to announce that Victory in Europe reached it’s Kickstarter funding target in 4 days. This means the game will certainly be released this July. As of today, gamers have 21 more days to join in and reserve a deluxe Kickstarter edition of this new game.


Command & Colors Napoleonics: Austrian Army Review

Sean Stevenson @ Armchair General


Blocks in the West Review

Sean Stevenson @ Armchair General


Bobby Lee Review

Harvey Mossman @ The Boardgaming Life


Napoléon, 4th Edition preview by Marco Arnaudo [watch]

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