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D-Day at Tarawa

New from Decision GamesD-Day at Tarawa is a solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Betio Island in the Tarawa Atoll. The US marines assaulting the tiny island, with its strategically vital airstrip, found themselves in their toughest battle of World War II, a fight to the death against 5000 Japanese defenders. This game advances the solitaire game system of its award-winning predecessor D-Day at Omaha Beach to the next level. You control the US forces against a tenacious Japanese defense. An innovative diceless combat system highlights unknown enemy deployments and the importance of the right weapons and tactics. Event cards keep the action flowing and the rules simple, while introducing extensive historical detail.

Contents:1 33”x22” game map, 352 die cut counters, 55 event cards, Rules booklet, and Player aid cards. Price: $60.

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Atlantic Wall: D-Day to Falaise

New from Decision Games. Atlantic Wall: D-Day to Falaise is a grand-tactical simulation of that campaign. The counters represent almost every formation that participated at the company and battalion level. Infantry, armor, anti-tank, reconnaissance, engineer, assault gun, howitzer, rocket, parachute, ranger, commando, glider and headquarter units are fully represented. Features include Widerstandnesten (resistance nests), Cherbourg’s fortifications and the all-important Bocage. The map portrays all primary and secondary roads, trails and other types of terrain, along with the villages, towns and cities that formed the bastions of German defense.

There are three introductory one-map scenarios depicting critical periods in the campaign that use an abbreviated set of rules while still maintaining the historical accuracy of the campaign game as a whole. In addition, there are three larger multi-map scenarios that allow players to either play a short period within the overall campaign or play the campaign from various starting points. The 6 June assault is covered in two modules, the Airborne Assault Module and the Amphibious Assault module, which allow players to recreate both the airborne and initial amphibious assault stage of the campaign. The Amphibious Assault Module is played on a special Beach Display that shows each sub-area of the invasion beaches with units depicted at the company level. It can be played as a solitaire scenario. The campaign game can be played from 6 June to 22 August, with a total of 234 game turns.

This is the third installment of the Grand Operational Simulation Series (GOSS), the first two being: Wacht am Rhein and Hurtgen: Hells Forest. All three games share a common rules set that’s been extensively updated and revised to simplify game functions while maintaining the design of the earlier games. Game contents include:7 22x34” map sheets, 4,480 die-cut counters, ONE GOSS Rules booklet, ONE Exclusive Rules booklet, Assorted Player Aid Charts & Displays, Two 10-sided dice, and Storage bags. Price: $240.

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Hunted Cow Studios and Decision Games Forge Strategic Partnership

Hunted Cow Studios and Decision Games announced today their partnership to develop and release digital versions of Decision Games’ extensive library of wargames. The first title to be released will be an iPad and Mac version of Decision Games’ classic game, Rebels & Redcoats. Set during the American War of Independence, the game allows players to tackle some of the most important battles of the war.


Napoleon At Waterloo

New from Decision GamesNapoleon at Waterloo is a simple game of the Battle of Waterloo. The system uses the most common and basic wargame principles, such as hexagon movement, firepower ratings, terrain benefits, and a combat results table to allow you to quickly and easily determine the outcome of battles. The game includes all the units present at the battle – French, British and the Prussian – as well as extra units representing other nearby forces that arrived too late to participate historically. Components include 11”x17” map, 74 die-cut counters, one 4-page rulebook. Price: $29.95.

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Modern War, Issue #11: The Greek Civil War, 1947-49

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. Modern War issue #11 featuring the insert game, The Greek Civil War, 1947-49 covers the conflict between the government of Greece and the DSE (Dimokratikos Stratos Elladas, or “Greek Democratic Army”), the fighting organization controlled by the Greek Communist Party. Central to play of the game is the Political Index (PI). Both players maintain each maintain their own PI during the game. A player’s PI is a quantification of the level of support or commitment the Greek “man in the taverna” is willing to give him (as opposed to other political movements or methods) as an agent of social change – or guarantor of security. For the Government player, his PI is also a measure of the stability of the political regime. PIs change constantly during the course of the game depending on events and who controls various territory. Components include 22” x 34” map & 280 counters. Price: $30.

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Red Dragon/Green Crescent — Asked by Anonymous

Looking for information on this game I’m guessing? Check out the BGG Page or CSW Forum. Thanks!


d-day at omaha — Asked by Anonymous

Sometimes I receive questions that simply list a game title (see above). I’m not sure how to best respond to these requests. Is it a call for game replay articles, reviews, errata, etc? Sorry…not sure how to best handle these, other than to say one can find individual game discussion topics on most games on the CSW Forum. Example: for D-Day at Omaha, one can go here: CSW Forum topic or BGG Page. Questions that can be more specific are always helpful. Thanks!

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World at War #35: Strike North

New from Strategy & Tactics Press.World at War #35 featuring the insert game, Strike North, presumes that Imperial Japan has decided to invade the Soviet Union in 1941, instead of going to war with the United States. Conceptually, a Japanese invasion of the Soviet Union would be in conjunction with the German attack on the USSR (Operation Barbarossa) on 22 June, 1941. The strategic possibilities of this alternative course are incredible; The Soviets will be under the pressure of fighting a two-front war. However, by following this strategy, the Japanese would be temporarily abandoning their planned invasions of the resource regions of the East Indies and beyond, leaving Japan less than a half-year of oil to sustain their war effort. 

The map shows Northeast Asia as it was in 1941, with each hex on the map equaling roughly 37 miles (60 kilometers) from side to opposite side. Each game turn represents one month of operations. The units are brigades, divisions and corps. Components: One 22” x 34” map & 228 counters. Price: $30

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Brothers in War Airing and Game Tie-in

Brothers in War airs tomorrow on National Geographic Channel and we wanted to recognize that the DG release, Vietnam Battles: Snoopy’s Nose was based directly on this documentary, as cited by the designer, Eric Harvey (whose father  served in the same Charlie Company Unit in Vietnam).


Central Command Review

Arrigo Velicogna @ Forward HQ

Modern War #10: Target Iran

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. Modern War issue #10 featuring the insert game, Target: Iran, is a solitaire simulation of a hypothetical US-Coalition-Israeli attack on Iran to destroy weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and other critical targets. The game begins with a “strategic” phase wherein the player conducts reconnaissance, cyberwar and mobilization (the purchasing of assets) for the actual attack, and then an “operational” stage, which is when your attack is actually executed.

The game metric of determining victory or defeat is the price of oil. The player mobilizes Coalition forces by expending oil “points” which, in turn, will raise the price of oil. Various other game events will cause the price of oil to fluctuate. If the price of oil goes too high, the player has lost the game. Components: One 22” x 34” map & 228 counters. Price: $30.

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Strategy & Tactics #285: Duel on the Steppe

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. Duel on the Steppeis a simulation of the Winter Campaign in the Ukraine, from 29 January to 17 March, 1943. Known as Operation Star and Gallop, the Soviets arrayed their incredible numerical advantage against some of the best units in the German army. This game uses the same rules system as Sedan: The Decisive Battle for France, May 1940 (World at War #24), and Tobruk: Operation Crusader, Nov-Dec, 1941 (Strategy & Tactics #278), but is modified appropriate to the scale and the theater. Here, the Soviets have air superiority, albeit somewhat uncoordinated. 

Duel on the Steppe includes one counter sheet (228 counters), and one map of the Ukraine area of the Soviet Union (approximately 260 miles, or about 418 kilometers), each hex representing about 6.5 miles (~10 kilometers). Unit sizes vary from kampfgruppes to corps, the latter which can be broken down into smaller formations for more operational flexibility, or simply to absorb casualties. Price: $30.

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