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Andean Abyss: In-depth Review

And in-depth review of Andean Abyss, courtesy of the Forward HQ and Dr. Arrigo Velicogna. The review is in three parts, and the first two have been published. Read them here: Part I | Part II

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1775: Rebellion Review

Rick Martin @ Armchair General [video review]

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Breaking the Chains Review

Arrigo Velicogna @ Forward HQ [related story]

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Wargaming the End of the Reich

Paul Comben @ The Boardgaming Life surveys games that simulate the end of the Reich

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Several Ways with Schlieffen

Paul Comben @ The Boardgaming Way, A review of five World War I games: 1914, The Schlieffen Plan, Guns of August (from Worthington), the Grand illusion and 1914 Offensive a Outrance


Great War at Sea Series Review

Paul Comben @ The Boardgaming Life

Bonus Material: Read the accompanying piece, “A Study of Naval Warfare in the Great War Era

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Battle for Stalingrad Review

Gerald D. Swick @ Armchair General

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The Age of Dante Review

Age of Dante: Postcards from Tuscany, Vol. I, is the first offering in a Battles of the Middle Ages series from High Flying Dice. Combat strengths of each unit (except missile units) are unknown until the first time they enter combat, when a chit is drawn for each unit involved. Overall, its a good system that needs some refinement—it is a little too simple—but it’s definitely a good start for the series, and its shortcomings can be easily fixed.

Sean Stevenson @ Armchair General

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