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Bob Greyvenstein, Graphic Artist

Editor’s Note: I appreciate someone taking the initiative here to contact CSW to seek assistance in securing graphic work. Besides, he’s got a cool last name to boot…check out his work!

Bob Greyvenstein is a digital fantasy illustrator based out of South Africa, who is looking for freelance illustration work. He particularly enjoys fantasy illustration genre — like RPG games or card games or concept art. Please do not hesitate to contact Bob with any project inquiries. [illustration gallery]

I am looking for a special board game - BUG HUNT SNIPER! I heard there is a "marketplace" at this website but I don't see it. — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, here is our CSW Marketplace topic. Good luck with your request!

Web-Grognards Announces New Manager


[Update from Alan Poulter: CSW member, Jason Pipes, will be taking over Web-Grognards for me. Thanks for all the kind words I have received for my efforts with Grognards.]

After nearly 20 years running Web-Grognards, Alan Poulter feels that ‘new management’ is needed. 13th January 2013 will be the final update made by Alan. Anyone who wants to take the site over please contact Alan Poulter. He will be happy to assist his successor get started.


Electronic version of ASL Rulebook


Multi-Man Publishing is working on an electronic version of the ASL Rulebook. This should become a boon for those looking for a resource and game aid that will ultimately help them quickly search out and find rules passages, etc. (when the entire project is completed). The publisher is seeking volunteers to serve as proofers. [submitted by: Homefront Wargame Center]

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Crown of Roses: Rules Review

GMT Games invites you to review the rules for their P500 title, Crown of Roses. This entry is a three-hour block game set during the turbulent years of the Wars of the Roses in 15th Century England. Your rules feedback is encourage and should be directed to Nick Drochak. [download rules]


Can you help me secure a copy of the rules (xeroxed or in PDF format) for Case White, published by GDW? — Asked by Anonymous

We often receive submissions from folks seeking game parts. All general inquiries are best posted in the following CSW topic: Parts Looking for a Home. We also encourage posting to the specific game discussion topic for the game or game series in question on our CSW Forum. For example, in the case of Case White, one can post in the Europa Game Series topic.

On Hallowed Ground: Playtesters Wanted

DSR Games is seeking playtesters for their American Civil War card game, On Hallowed Ground. Those interested in participating should join their Yahoo Group.

Blight of the Immortals: Playtesters Wanted

Blight of the Immortals is a new web-based strategy game from Iron Helmet Games. They are looking for players to come and help test it out and and provide feedback as they polish it up.

Design Challenge for Fateful Lightning, Hell Before Night and Chattanooga

These three regimental-level ACW games, all designed by Chris Perello and published by Command during the 1990s, have long deserved a CB gamebox or Vassal module. Now, interested wargamers are willing to make it worth a designer’s while to create them.

GMT Welcomes Your Feedback

GMT Games welcomes your feedback as they evaluate future products [view questions here]

The Coming Storm: Playtesters Wanted

Operational Studies Group is seeking playtesters for their upcoming release, The Coming Storm, which is available now for preorder. Learn more.

Dynasty: Call for Playtesters

Designer, Richard H. Berg, is seeking playtesters for Dynasty, a multi-player game covering the Era of the Five Dynasties in post-Tang China, 10th century, C.E. This game is under development for Worthington GamesLearn more.

Red Poppies — Czar: Call for Playtesters

Game designer, John Gorkowski, seeking playtesters for Czar, the next entry in the Red Poppies WWI game series. Learn more.