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The China War Review

Arrigo Velicogna @ Forward HQ


Red Menace Supplementary Rules

White Dog Games has released Strategic Deployment and Scramble Rules to play Red Menace. These rules add more decisions for the player and increase the challenge in just three pages. A big thanks to Barry Kendall for coming up with these ideas. [Download free PDF rules]. A new VASSAL module, v1.1 has also been updated to support these new rules and is available to anyone who purchases Red Menace. To request a copy of the VASSAL module, please use the White Dog Games Contact page. [related story]

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Corps Command: Dawn's Early Light


New from Lock ‘n Load PublishingCorps Command: Dawn’s Early Light captures the tension of 1985 as a Soviet First Tank Army crosses the border into Germany and strikes into the Eisenbach Gap, seeking to rip open the belly of NATO’s defenses. American and German troops scramble from their bases to try and delay the Soviets, for if they get through, they will drive all the way to the Rhine. Over two thousand tanks will meet in the decisive engagement of the war. Price: $12.99 (PDF download intro price) or preorder printed version for $21.99.

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Mukden Review

Pete Belli @ BoardGameGeek


Oil War Replay

ER Bickford @ CSW Forum

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Fortress America Review

Sean Stevenson @ Armchair General
Armchair General looks at the new version of the classic boardgame Fortress America and finds it kept all the elements that made it an instant classic, while providing new playing pieces and some new rules and reducing playing time by placing a 10-turn time limit.


Oil War Review

Pete Belli @ BoardGameGeek


Fortress America in Foreign Policy Magazine

Michael Peck takes a look at the new edition of Fortress America published by Fantasy Flight Games


Czechoslovakia Defiant!

New from Schutze GamesCzechoslovakia Defiant! is a two-player, boxed game covering the hypothetical German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938 assuming the Czechs ignored the Munich agreement. Political rules allow for the possibility that a regional conflict will develop. Price: $30. [view Schutze Games catalog]


SPI Friday: The Next War (1978)

It’s SPI Friday and time to reminisce!
This week: The Next War
Joe Beard @ Map and Counters


First Strike: October 1962 Replay

Final playtest replay (of new, 2nd Edition) by game designer, Bruce Costello @ CSW Forum