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Desert Moon eBook

Desert Moon, a new book by Mark Walker

It’s 2341, and Earth (Terra) has expanded into a multi-planet confederation policed by the strong arm of the Terran Defense Force (TDF). Using potent biped weapon platforms called CATs, tanks, and power-armored troops, the TDF wages Terra’s wars. But machines are not enough, Terra also breeds soldiers to pilot her CATs. Faster, smarter, and bigger than natural born humans, the Purebreds are the ultimate warriors. Or are they? Get the kindle edition for only $4.99.

Line of Departure #75


New from Jim WerbanethLine of Departure #75 is a theme issue, covering Americans at War.  The articles inside cover:

  • Rebel Raiders on the High Seas (GMT) — Review
  • Squad Leader Series (Avalon Hill) — Analysis
  • Hamburger Hill and Operation Solace (Command magazine) — Analysis
  • Red Star/White Star (SPI) — Scenarios
  • The Vicksburg Campaign (TPS) — Preview

[Order here]


September Savings from Osprey Publishing


Special September offer from Osprey Publishing — 30% off all Men-at-Arms, Warrior, and Elite books!

Line of Departure 'Japan at War' Bundle


Special offer from Line of Departure. Get a bundle price on five back issues, all including projects covering Japan’s conflicts, from the Russo-Japanese War through World War II in the Pacific. Among the games covered are:

  • Red Sun Rising (SPI)
  • U.S. Navy War Plan Orange (Avalanche Press)
  • Storm Over Taierzhuang (Against the Odds)
  • The Solomons Campaign (World at War)
  • The Fall of the Philippines (Panzer Digest)
  • Saipan 1944 (Avalanche Press)
  • Defeat Into Victory (Against the Odds)

Order the ‘Japan at War’ bundle today! 

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Special August Offer from Osprey Publishing


Special August offer from Osprey Publishing — 25% off all WWI books!

Suspense & Decision Issue No. 8

New from PlayByMail.NetIssue #8 of Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM magazine for the 21st Century, is available as a free download. [download here]

Suspense & Decision Issue No. 7

New from PlayByMail.Net. Issue #7 of Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM magazine for the 21st Century, is available as a free download. [download here]

Panzerschreck #16: Destruction of Force Z

New from Minden GamesPANZERSCHRECK #16 (Spring 2014) wargame magazine. This issue is available as a FREE download. Contents include articles, variants, and a Mini-Sim wargame (Salvo! 2nd ed.) within its pages. Feature reviews focus on Axis & Allies 1941 (Hasbro), Inchon (Simulations Canada), Oil War (SPI), and Ortona (Simulations Canada). Campaign Analysis deals with the backround and story of the Destruction of Force Z, in December 1941. Contains complete register of all past games published in Panzerschreck.

The issue game for #16 is DESTRUCTION OF FORCE Z, a solitaire WW2 naval/air wargame. It is available for purchase separately. (see page 10 of Panzerschreck #16 for full details). Price: $11.95.

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War Diary Magazine #2 Coming Soon

The second issue of War Diary is nearly ready to go to the printer, and will be released later this month.  As an added incentive, subscribers will receive a discount code good for a 25% discount on any game from Revolution Games.



Special July offer from Osprey Publishing — start your AVG collection! eBook editions of two classics for just 99p ($1.59)!

June Special Offer from Osprey


Special June offer from Osprey Publishing — 20% off all Combat titles!

Line of Departure, Issue 74


New from Line of Departure. Issue #74 featuring a review of Struggle for New France (Schutze Games), with additional features on Red Star/White Star (SPI), Firepower (Avalon Hill), and Andean Abyss (GMT). The issue, and full subscriptions, can be purchased via PayPal.


OSG Wargame Design Vol. III, Nr. 3

Free download from Operational Studies Group. Wargame Design Volume III, Nr. 3 provides 32 pages of coverage chalk full of coverage on games from OSG. [download here]


Special May Offer from Osprey Publishing


Special May offer from Osprey Publishing — 25% off all Duel and New Vanguard titles!