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Easter Weekend Special Offer from Osprey


Special Easter Weekend offer from Osprey Publishing

Suspense & Decision Magazine

Suspense & Decision magazine is free to download magazine published at PlayByMail.Net, The focus is on PBM (Play By Mail) and turn-based gaming.

March Special Offer from Osprey


Special March offer from Osprey Publishing — 20% off all Campaign titles! Kindle Special: The Boys of '67 only $1.99

[expired] For today only, Andrew Wiest’s brilliant “The Boys of ‘67: Charlie Company’s War in Vietnam” is only $1.99 on Kindle US via

Dan Hodges: Confessions of a 'Grognard'

Another big news story on wargaming! Here’s an article by Dan Hodges, published in The Telegraph.

Essay: An Informal History of the Development of PanzerBlitz

The following article is a history of the development of the game PanzerBlitz, starting back in the late 1960’s. By Alan R. Arvold @ Imaginative Strategist [download the PDF article]

image image

Simulacrum issue #32

New from publisher, John KulaSimulacrum #32 (2013) is the sporadically published zine (PDF format) of board wargame collecting, accumulating and hoarding. This issue features in-depth coverage on the chronology of board wargames, a board wargaming dictionary, and the insert Print-n-Play game, Panzergruppe Afrika, by John Kula. Price: $5 for PDF download (order direct from Or you can obtain this issue along with ALL issues of Simulacrum on a CD for $40, which includes postage to North America.

Editor’s Note: I don’t do this very often. I’ve reviewed the content and have to rate this issue as a “must-have” with its excellent coverage on the history of boardgames and wargaming dictionary. Highly-recommended buy for only $5!


Do You Want Total War? (Book)

Do You Want Total War? is a wargame-themed novel by Darren Kilfara about the study of history. Sean Lansbury, its first-person narrator, is a typical high school student with an atypical hobby: he likes to play Totaler Krieg, the grand strategic simulation of World War II. As he meditates on different aspects of history and tries to juggle his hobby with normal life in school, he falls in love with a girl in his Advanced Placement European History class and discovers who he is, what history means to him, and the extent to which you really can revisit and rewrite the past.

DYWTW will strongly appeal to wargamers while serving as a gateway to the hobby for non-wargamers – it speaks to armchair historians in the way that Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch spoke to sports fans and reveals the narrator’s character as much through the history he studies as the discussions he has and the relationships he forms. And in DYWTW, studying history doesn’t just mean burying one’s head in a book – it involves shared conversations with friends, visits to websites like Consimworld, watching war movies, attending classes at school and discussing how history should be taught, and of course reimagining past wars and battles at the gaming table. For more information, visit DYWTW’s CSW Forum or the book’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Price: $17.09 (Paperback) or $9.99 (Kindle).


Line of Departure #73


New from Jim WerbanethLine of Departure #73 features the following four game reviews. [Order here]

  • Turning Point in the Central Pacific: Saipan 1944 takes the Panzer Grenadier System to the Marianas
  • The Forgotten Triumph: A review of Defeat Into Victory, From Against the Odds Magazine
  • Throwing Large Rocks Into Space: Space Combat and Genocide in Double Star
  • Free-For-All on Ancient Seas: Simulating Naval Battles in the Classical Era with Trireme


Flipboard Magazine on Game Reviews/Replays

Mike Rinehart has published After Action — a flipboard magazine [reader App required] that covers after action reports and game reviews for mostly modern era games.