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Dear Consimworld, I was told this site had access to the game designer, Kevin Zucker, for 6 Days of Glory. In the rules, I'm perplexed by the term "Prohibited Terrain" in terms of where units can and cannot retreat in 6 Days of Glory--I have a pdf of the rules and could find no section in it where the types of terrain that are prohibited are actually listed (i.e woods, river hexides etc...) Please advise. Thanks — Asked by Anonymous

Thanks for your question. If you could, please post this question on our dedicated forum topic for 6 Days of Glory, I’m sure you will get the answer you need. If you need a login for the forum, just let me know. Thanks!


I'm searching for an upgraded mapboard for the old AH game "War and Peace" that I'd seen it on the web a year or so ago. I decided to buy it, but I am unable to find it now. Could you point me in the right direction? The board had been done in nice colors, and had included some sea-transport lanes to newly added map boxes, ostensibly to simulate the naval overseas reach of the Napoleonic conflict. — Asked by Anonymous


Sure thing. I’m thinking this may be the updated War and Peace map you are looking for.


Command & Colors Napoleonics: Austrian Army Review

Sean Stevenson @ Armchair General


New from Snowpunch. Musket Smoke is an iPad wargame inspired by Napoleonic warfare. Available for online live 2 player or local skirmish AI for solitaire play. Free download.

Obscure Battles: Haslach-Jungingen 1805

Obscure Battles presents the Battle of Haslach-Jungingen, 1805. This battle analysis features detailed descriptions (including highly detailed maps and precise, unit-by-unit orders of battle) of lesser known battles. The site contains detailed coverage of Wertingen, Gunzburg, Haslah-Jungingen, Elchingen, and Durnstein, including battalion/squadron-level OOBs, highly precise and original maps, and smart-alecky commentary. Each also has scenarios and considerations to make each battle a “what if” wargame.

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Wise Bayonets Preorder

Preorder now from ACIES Edizione. Wise Bayonets depicts the Battle of Trebbia, June 1799, in north Italy between French and Austro-Russian armies. The game features the same game system as Masséna at Loano, integrated with rules needed to reflect the different battle terrain and tactical situation (such as greater emphasis on cavalry). Preorder Price: 32 Euros.


These Brave Fellows Review

Richard Mataka @


Part I of a preview of Toulon, 1793 by Andy Loakes, to be published by Legion Wargames [watch @youtube]


Le Vol de L'€™Aigle (The Flight of the Eagle) Review

Harvey Mossman @ The Boardgaming Life

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