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Walcheren 1809

New from ACIES EdizioneWalcheren 1809 is a stand-alone gamette covering the unfortunate British expedition in Holland during the Napoleonic Wars. The ill-fated British campaign resulted in the British losing more than 4,000 men to a disease called “Walcheren Fever”, thought to be a combination of malaria and typhus. Price: 10 Euros.

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Wise Bayonets

New from ACIES EdizioneWise Bayonets depicts the Battle of Trebbia, June 1799, in north Italy between French and Austro-Russian armies. The game features the same game system as Masséna at Loano, integrated with rules needed to reflect the different battle terrain and tactical situation (such as greater emphasis on cavalry). Price: 56 Euros.

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Napoleon At Waterloo

New from Decision GamesNapoleon at Waterloo is a simple game of the Battle of Waterloo. The system uses the most common and basic wargame principles, such as hexagon movement, firepower ratings, terrain benefits, and a combat results table to allow you to quickly and easily determine the outcome of battles. The game includes all the units present at the battle – French, British and the Prussian – as well as extra units representing other nearby forces that arrived too late to participate historically. Components include 11”x17” map, 74 die-cut counters, one 4-page rulebook. Price: $29.95.

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Le Vol de L’Aigle Replay

Our wargaming group in Long Island decided to play Le Vol de l’Aigle via email with myself as umpire. It was an extremely fascinating experience which gave trmendous insight into the difficulties 19th century commanders faced in an era of communication by horseback and limited ability to collect military intelligence. We chose the 1806 Prussian campaign that culminated in the famous dual battles of Jena- Auerstadt because the armies were fairly evenly matched in numbers and opposing forces were not so distant from each other that enemy contact would be unduly delayed.

Harvey Mossman @ The Boardgaming Life

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In Memoriam: Robert Coggins

Robert Coggins (seated with S. Craig Taylor, left), the co-creator of Napoleon’s Battles passed away on July 21, 2014. Robert was one of the original co-founders of HMGS and managed the Historicon convention for during the 1980s and 1990s, growing it to what it is today. Rest in peace.

Salamanca Playtest Replay

Read this test run of the battle of Salamanca as part of the upcoming quadrigame from the Vive l’Empereur series, “Quatre Batailles en Espagne” to be published by Legion Wargames.

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Hanau 1813

New from VaeVictis. Hanau 1813 is the latest entry in the Jours de Gloire series. The game covers the battle of 30-31 October 1813 around Hanau. Napoleon, with the remnants of his Grande Armée, has to fight the Austro-Bavarian corps of von Wrede to open his road back to France. This game is published in VaeVictis Wargame Collection, it includes one 59 x 41 cm map (23 x 16”), 216 die-cut counters and markers, one rule book including three scenarios and one color player aid. Price: 24,60 €.

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Is there a copy of the counter sheets for the old SPI classic 1812 out there somewhere. I've checked on boardgame geek but can only get poor quality copies? — Asked by Anonymous


While Kerry Anderson has not yet created an updated counter set for 1812, I’d contact him as he may be willing to do it. He’s done a lot of nice counter upgrade kits for SPI games, etc. Or to try to find any extra counter sheet out there, try our Spare Parts forum topic. [visit SPI Wrecking Yard]

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Day in History: 24 June


VPG Announces Napoleonic 20 Series v4.0

Victory Point Games unveils upgrades being made with the version 4.0 release of their Napoleonic 20 series of games.

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Quatre Batailles en Espagne Preorder

Now available for preorder from Legion Wargames. Quatre Batailles en Espagne is part of the Vive l’Empereur Series, covering the battles fought during the Napoleonic Era in Europe, between 1805 and 1815. This is the eighth volume in the series and includes four separate battles fought in Spain during the Peninsular War, 1808 - 1814.

  • Vitoria, fought on June 21, 1813
  • Ocaña, fought on 19 November 1809 
  • Salamanca, fought on 22 July 1812
  • Sorauren, fought on July 1813

Preorder Price: $69 (save $27).

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Day in History: 14 June

Day in History: 14 June


[Sponsored] Empires at War 1805 Preview. Assume the role of Napoleon Bonaparte starting from January 1804. Become the political and military leader of France during the latter stages of the French Revolution and its associated wars in Europe. Sign up and start playing now! [watch @youtube]

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