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Premium 1914, Offensive à outrance Map

New from Oregon Consim Games. A premium, limited edition map for Offensive à Outrance. The map is printed on heavy paper with the dimensions enlarged to 115% scale. The result is an increase in surface area by 32%. It comes in two sheets of 48″×28½″, for an overall size of 48″×56″ (same size as that playtested at CSW Expo, and it fits perfectly on two folding tables). [related story]

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Fortress Malta

New from Avalanche Press. Island of Death: Fortress Malta is an expansion book adding 420 pieces, seven scenarios and reams of variants, history and analysis to the Island of Death board game. Price: $39.99.


Brave and Noble Fights

New from High Flying Dice Games. Brave and Noble Fights is a dualpak game which has the intorductory level games of the Battle of the Yalu and the Battle of Wei Hai Wei — part of the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95. Price: $14.95 plus shipping (mounted counters $5 extra).


A Spoiled Victory: Dunkirk 1940

New from White Dog Games. A Spoiled Victory is a solitaire board game that simulates the evacuation of 300,000 Allied personnel from mainland Europe early in WW II. Game design by Paul Fish and Hermann Luttmann, the player commands the Allied forces and attempts to delay the German advance during the massive and heroic evacuation at Dunkirk in May-June of 1940. The 17” x 11” game map and 36 Action Cards are by Tim Allen. There are 88 thick, double-sided, laser-cut counters and markers. A 16-page rulebook and three player reference sheets complete the game components. The game is available in boxed, folio (poly-bag) and downloaded PnP formats. Prices: PnP format is $18, Folio and Boxed version starts at $29.

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Breaking the Chains

New from Compass Games. Breaking the Chains simulates a hypothetical future military conflict over the South China and East China Seas around the year 2021. The game presumes that China comes to blows with a Southeast Asian country in a conflict that could expand to possibly include: Australia, India, Japan, the United States as well as a variety of Southeast Asian nations. However, beyond China and one South East Asian nation, the exact composition of opposing coalitions is not predetermined but rather a function of the decisions players make as the game unfolds. Price: $42 (save $18 by ordering at preorder price before offer expires).

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Hearts and Minds, 2nd Edition

New from Worthington GamesHearts and Minds, 2nd Edition includes the larger hard mounted game board, updated rules, card, counter, and other components, and larger box. Price: $70 (includes free shipping).

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Line of Fire Issue #14

New from Lock ‘n Load Publishing. Line of Fire issue #14 includes a World at War Expansion Module: Baltic Fury, an expansion for Blood & Bridges. If you have Blood and Bridges and Line of Fire #14 you are ready to play Baltic Fury. Baltic Fury comes with 11 scenarios and 140 new counters featuring forces from Denmark, Poland and the Soviet Union, and showcases the Warsaw Pact’s push north to control the Baltic Sea lanes, with scenarios set on Jutland and the islands of Funen and Bornholm. Price: $44.99.


BCT Command Kandahar

New from MCS Group. BCT Command Kandahar is an operational level wargame of operations in Afghanistan during the Bush and Obama Administrations. One player takes the role of a Coalition Force commander; the other the role of an Insurgent Force commander. Each player must accomplish objectives within a particular region, using a range of regular and irregular forces. Price: $69.95.

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Breakout from the Crimea

New from High Flying Dice Games. Breakout from the Crimea covers General Wrangel’s Russian White Army offensive from their trapped environs of the Crimea. The game shows the technological impact of modern tanks and aircraft in warfare at the time. Wrangel’s forces were not numerically as strong as the 13th Army, but their morale as well as skillful use of tanks and aircraft returned the balance of power to their favor. By May 1920, Wrangel had up to 20 operational tanks and an equal number of DH9A bombers. Their tankers and pilots trained since March, and learned well the lessons taught by their British advisors in combined-arms tactics. During the battle, both sides fought tenaciously, but it was the use of tanks and aircraft that tipped the scales. Price: $20.95 plus shipping (mounted counters $5 extra).


What Went Wrong: Battle of Ap Bac, January 2 1963

New from High Flying Dice Games. What Went Wrong, The Battle of Ap Bac, a two player game, simulates the first large-scale fight waged between the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and the National Liberation Front (NLF). On January 2nd, 1963 the 7th ARVN infantry division dispatched elements of its 11th Regiment to support two Civil Guard battalions to take out a radio transmitter the NLF were operating in the hamlet of Ap Bac. This time, however, the Viet Cong chose to stand and fight. As the day wore on and the fighting escalated the ARVN were compelled to send in armor and airborne forces, as well as committing air support in a fight that decidedly went against them. It was the first stand-up fight for both sides’ forces.

This game was chosen as a print n’ play release for Gold Level Donors to the 2014 Consimworld Donation Drive and is now available for purchase. The game offers a short duration of play, small table ‘footprint’ as well as low counter density but filled with action and decisions for both players. Price: $11.95 plus shipping (mounted counters $5 extra).

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Modern War #10: Target Iran

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. Modern War issue #10 featuring the insert game, Target: Iran, is a solitaire simulation of a hypothetical US-Coalition-Israeli attack on Iran to destroy weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and other critical targets. The game begins with a “strategic” phase wherein the player conducts reconnaissance, cyberwar and mobilization (the purchasing of assets) for the actual attack, and then an “operational” stage, which is when your attack is actually executed.

The game metric of determining victory or defeat is the price of oil. The player mobilizes Coalition forces by expending oil “points” which, in turn, will raise the price of oil. Various other game events will cause the price of oil to fluctuate. If the price of oil goes too high, the player has lost the game. Components: One 22” x 34” map & 228 counters. Price: $30.


Strategy & Tactics #285: Duel on the Steppe

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. Duel on the Steppeis a simulation of the Winter Campaign in the Ukraine, from 29 January to 17 March, 1943. Known as Operation Star and Gallop, the Soviets arrayed their incredible numerical advantage against some of the best units in the German army. This game uses the same rules system as Sedan: The Decisive Battle for France, May 1940 (World at War #24), and Tobruk: Operation Crusader, Nov-Dec, 1941 (Strategy & Tactics #278), but is modified appropriate to the scale and the theater. Here, the Soviets have air superiority, albeit somewhat uncoordinated. 

Duel on the Steppe includes one counter sheet (228 counters), and one map of the Ukraine area of the Soviet Union (approximately 260 miles, or about 418 kilometers), each hex representing about 6.5 miles (~10 kilometers). Unit sizes vary from kampfgruppes to corps, the latter which can be broken down into smaller formations for more operational flexibility, or simply to absorb casualties. Price: $30.


GUISCARD: Cry Havoc, 30 years later!


Do you remember the medieval skirmish game Cry Havoc published in the 80’s? A winning combination of fun, quick gameplay with gorgeous hand-drawn characters and maps. This vintage game system has been resurrected by Historic’One, the publisher of the various game materials available on the Cry Havoc Fan website. The intent was to recreate the immersive touch of the original system while updating and upgrading the missile and combat rules which generated a lot of discussion back in the day. We wanted to pay homage to the game unique traits and hand drew all 928 character stances, 6 maps and numerous overlays, a 2-year project! 

GUISCARD is set in the 11th Century and depicts the epic conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily by Norman mercenaries led by Robert de Hauteville, nicknamed Guiscard (“the cunning”). The game features the various factions of the time including Byzantines, Lombards, Arabs, Germans, Slavs and of course Normans.

GUISCARD is now available and can be bought in the Shoppe of Cry Havoc Fan or through select resellers in France, the UK and the US.