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The Summer of 1863

New from Pacific Rim Publishing. The Summer of 1863 is Tom Eskey’s point-to-point look at the Gettysburg Campaign featuring map graphics by Todd Davis. This game sets the political, economic, and military aspects of the turning point campaign in the Eastern theater of the American Civil War. The Southern forces reach for economic targets, striping victuals form farmlands and commissariat materials from towns as they maneuver to cut communications between major cities in order to isolate Washington, DC. The Northern forces deploy to block route to key cities. Both sides watching for the opportunity to bring their opponent into a Major Battle that will tip the scales of victory in their favor. Price: $30 postpaid in the USA, APO, FPO, DPO. Order at justplain.comConsimWorld members earn $5 off by using Coupon Code CSW-1863 at checkout. Offer expires Sept. 22, 2014.

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Valor and Vengeance

New from High Flying Dice Games. Valor ad Vengeance is a two-player game on the Battle of Ulus-Kert during the Second Chechen War. At Ulus-Kert, the Russian 6th Company, 2nd Battalion, 104th Guards Parachute Regiment sought to block the retreat route of some 2,000 lightly-armed Chechens. Supported by SU-25 aircraft, Mi-24 helicopter gunships, and artillery the Russians presumed superiority over a cunning foe. The Chechen force concentrated in the town of Ulus-Kert before taking on the Russians. This was an area the Russians dared not enter during the First Chechen War. Price: $17.95 (mounted counters are $5 extra).

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Gauntlet: Operation Pedestal

New from High Flying Dice Games. Gauntlet is a two player game on the epic naval and air battles for the largest Malta relief convoy of World War II (although solitaire play is easy to do). In August the Malta garrison was on the ropes, with critical supplies nearly exhausted. Allied forces were in full retreat towards Egypt following their defeat in the Gazala Campaign. The Axis forces realized the Pedestal Convoy could very well be the battle for “all the marbles” and mobilized tremendous air, submarine and surface fleet assets to contest its passage. The Allied convoy was savaged but enough ships made it through, including the tanker Ohio whose ordeal was a true epic of wartime heroism, to enable Malta to hold out. Price: $14.95 (add mounted counters are $5 extra).

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The Mighty Endeavor: Expanded Edition

New from Multi-Man Publishing. The Mighty Endeavor: Expanded Edition is both an updated version (with errata corrected, a couple of counters added, and other counters made to conform to the Expansion) covering the Western Front from the D-Day landings until the end of April 1945 and an expansion to the original game that adds the Eastern Front from just east of Warsaw during the same time period and a small map attachment that adds the Brittany Peninsula. Price: $58. [related story]

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Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers is a political board game of the early American Republic from the Washington administration to the outbreak of the Civil War. As in The Republic of Rome (TM), players control factions of statesmen. Together they attempt the many issues that threaten the young Republic. This boxed game is now available at The Game Crafter, with graphic design by Luca Cammisa. Price: $69.99. [related story]

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Walcheren 1809

New from ACIES EdizioneWalcheren 1809 is a stand-alone gamette covering the unfortunate British expedition in Holland during the Napoleonic Wars. The ill-fated British campaign resulted in the British losing more than 4,000 men to a disease called “Walcheren Fever”, thought to be a combination of malaria and typhus. Price: 10 Euros.

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Wise Bayonets

New from ACIES EdizioneWise Bayonets depicts the Battle of Trebbia, June 1799, in north Italy between French and Austro-Russian armies. The game features the same game system as Masséna at Loano, integrated with rules needed to reflect the different battle terrain and tactical situation (such as greater emphasis on cavalry). Price: 56 Euros.

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Tracker: A Post Nuclear Disaster

Tracker is a new post apocalyptic, competitive board game that does not end if you die. Four to eight players become lone survivors venturing inside a nuclear test site where they must adapt their tactics in a constantly changing environment. To come out on top someone has to collect the most artifacts or kill all other players all the while racing to complete missions. Price: 40€ or 8€ for PnP download version.

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Tank Battle: East Front 1941 [iOS App]

New from Hunted Cow Studios. Tank Battle: East Front 1941, marks the first collaboration with Lordz Games Studio (Panzer Corps) and one of many with WWII game expert HexWar. In Tank Battle: East Front 1941 (universal iOS), players war as either the Germans or the Soviets on both summer and winter terrain. As battles escalate, both sides trade obsolete equipment (such as the Panzer I and T-26) for more advanced units, which include flamethrower infantry (awesome!) and heavy machine guns. There’s also pass-and-play multiplayer for those who want to challenge a friend. Price: $1.99.


Napoleon At Waterloo

New from Decision GamesNapoleon at Waterloo is a simple game of the Battle of Waterloo. The system uses the most common and basic wargame principles, such as hexagon movement, firepower ratings, terrain benefits, and a combat results table to allow you to quickly and easily determine the outcome of battles. The game includes all the units present at the battle – French, British and the Prussian – as well as extra units representing other nearby forces that arrived too late to participate historically. Components include 11”x17” map, 74 die-cut counters, one 4-page rulebook. Price: $29.95.

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Modern War, Issue #11: The Greek Civil War, 1947-49

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. Modern War issue #11 featuring the insert game, The Greek Civil War, 1947-49 covers the conflict between the government of Greece and the DSE (Dimokratikos Stratos Elladas, or “Greek Democratic Army”), the fighting organization controlled by the Greek Communist Party. Central to play of the game is the Political Index (PI). Both players maintain each maintain their own PI during the game. A player’s PI is a quantification of the level of support or commitment the Greek “man in the taverna” is willing to give him (as opposed to other political movements or methods) as an agent of social change – or guarantor of security. For the Government player, his PI is also a measure of the stability of the political regime. PIs change constantly during the course of the game depending on events and who controls various territory. Components include 22” x 34” map & 280 counters. Price: $30.

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Vae Victis #115: Burgundian Wars

New from VaeVictis. Burgundian Wars (1474-1477) is the insert game of VaeVictis #115 Special Edition. The game covers a conflict between the Dukes of Burgundy and the Kings of France, later involving the Old Swiss Confederacy, which would play a decisive role. This game includes one A3 size map, 108 die-cut counters and one rules booklet. Price: 14,95 €.

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Hanau 1813

New from VaeVictis. Hanau 1813 is the latest entry in the Jours de Gloire series. The game covers the battle of 30-31 October 1813 around Hanau. Napoleon, with the remnants of his Grande Armée, has to fight the Austro-Bavarian corps of von Wrede to open his road back to France. This game is published in VaeVictis Wargame Collection, it includes one 59 x 41 cm map (23 x 16”), 216 die-cut counters and markers, one rule book including three scenarios and one color player aid. Price: 24,60 €.

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Command at Sea: Shattered Armada

New from Clash of Arms. Command at Sea: Shattered Armada travels to the waters off Spain in 1936, where in July, right-wing “Nationalists” rebelled against the democratically elected leftwing “Republicans”, resulting in the bloody civil war. This game features 22 scenarios describing battles that actually did occur, “could have” battles with combatants who were close enough to fight; and “what if” battles drawn from war plans and journals. From shore batteries and minefields to battleships and gunboats, players will re-live the role of Spanish navies as they contend with each other and warships of the Great Powers, as war at sea reveals Spain’s ultimate fate. Price: $43.29. [view product sheet]

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