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World at War #28: Green Hell


New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War #28 featuring the insert game, Green Hell: Burma 1942-45, uses the popular Fire & Movement system (DG Folio Series) to examine two different situations in Burma during World War II: Operation Thursday and The Battle of the Admin Box. Operation Thursday simulates the British glider-borne assault into Burma in March 1944, after Gen. Slim ordered Gen. Wingate to land behind the Japanese lines to support the Allied offensive in Burma, particularly Gen. Stilwell’s advance to the strategic town of Myitkyina. The Battle of the Admin Box is a simulation of the Japanese infiltration that surrounded the Indian 7th Infantry Division, and was also moving to trap the Indian 5th Infantry Division in order to annihilate both before the arrival of the Indian 26th and British 36th Divisions from the north. Holding up the entire Japanese plan was the headquarters area of the Indian 7th Division, which formed a defensive perimeter known as the “Admin Box” in the village of Sinzweya. Issue Price: $30.

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S&T #278: Tobruk 1941


New from Strategy & Tactics Press. Strategy & Tactics issue #278 which has been upgraded to a new 84 page perfect bound format and featuring the insert game, Tobruk 1941. Tobruk uses the same system as Sedan: The Decisive Battle for France, May 1940. Tobruk is a simulation of British Eighth Army’s Operation Crusader, the attempt to relieve the Tobruk garrison during the period from November to early December 1941, with each turn representing two days. The units in the game represent regiments (228 counters), and operate according to a chit-pull divisional-command activation system. Movement and combat are randomized by each division’s potential activation, such that the general course of play goes a long way toward simulating the fog of war in a simple yet realistic manner and without the need for special rules. As a new addition to this system (not present in Sedan), to simulate the more pronounced effect of long-range anti-tank guns in desert terrain, units with AT capability are identified, and they’re given the capability to engage enemy armor as it approach, just as the infamous 88s did at Hellfire Pass. Price: $30.

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World at War #27: Operations Olympic & Coronet


New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War issue #27 which features two insert games, Operations Olympic & Coronet. An update of the Olympic solitaire game first published in S&T along with the second complete game covering the planned follow-up invasion: Operation Coronet. The Olympic map has been updated to reflect better understanding of the tough and, in places, impassable terrain as well as the potential landing sites. The Coronet map shows the flat, wide-open Tokyo plain. The counters have also been updated with new information about the Japanese order of battle, especially their plan to move 36th Army to Kyushu as a counter- invasion force. This Special Edition package includes two full-sized (22x34”) maps of the two invasion areas and 560 counters. Both games can be played solitaire or two-player. Price: $50.

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S&T #277: Ticonderoga

New from Decision Games and Strategy & Tactics Press. Strategy & Tactics issue #276 featuring Ticonderoga simulates six engagements in the region between the upper Hudson and lower Lake Champlain, specifically the area between northern Lake George and Fort Carillon (a.k.a. Ticonderoga) during the French and Indian War (1755-58). The game system emphasizes the importance of leaders, and highlights the role of individual command skills, circumstances and luck. Throughout the game, leaders’ skills are tested as their units maneuver and fight, and every leader has the capacity to be “inept,” “capable” or “exceptional,” varying from engagement to engagement. Price: $30.


World at War #26: Race to the Reichstag

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War issue #26 featuring the insert game, Race to the Reichstag. The game is an innovative design that allows players to play both sides of two competing commands as the Red Army fights its way into Berlin during the closing days of World War II. There are two areas of operations for the Soviets and Germans, and each player runs one area for both sides, opposite his opponent (Battle for Germany-style). Players compete for reinforcing assets and to seize objectives, in an attempt to be the first to capture Berlin’s city center and end the war. Issue Price: $30.


S&T #276: Operation Anaconda

New from Decision Games and Strategy & Tactics Press. Strategy & Tactics issue #276 featuring Operation Anaconda, designed by Joseph Miranda, is an intermediate-complexity, grand-tactical game covering that codenamed battle fought between US/Coalition forces and Al Qaeda in eastern Afghanistan in March 2002. It featured a combined US-Afghan-Coalition force attempting to surround and destroy enemy units while also capturing or killing Bin Laden. Price: $30.


Egyptian Campaign Replay

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World at War #23: Pacific Battles, Guadalcanal

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War #23 featuring the insert game by Joseph Miranda, Pacific Battles: Guadalcanal, a two-player (Japanese vs. US) operational-level game designed by Joseph Miranda. Articles in this issue include: Sword Beach, The Stalin Line, and the Churchill Conspiracy. Issue Price: $30.


World at War #22: Minsk '44

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War #22 featuring the insert game by Joseph Miranda, Minsk ‘44, the second game in Joseph Miranda’s new East Front Battles Series, which began with Guards Tank, covers the crucial exploitation phase of the great Soviet summer offensive against the Germans’ Army Group Center, in June of 1944. The game utilizes the classic quad series rules’ mechanics and a retreat-emphasizing differential combat system to encourage encirclement tactics, so typical of Soviet armor strategy during World War II. Issue Price: $30.


World at War #21: Rhineland 1936

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War #21 featuring the insert game by Joseph Miranda, Rhineland 1936, a strategic-level simulation of intermediate complexity that covers an alternative World War II in Europe, one that began in 1936. Issue Price: $30.


Strategy & Tactics 272: Lepanto

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. Strategy & Tactics #272 featuring the insert game, Lepanto. Lepanto is a two-player or multi-player (Ottoman versus Christian) operational level game, designed by Robert Cowling. Articles in the issue include: “Poles in World War I”; “Mau Mau Insurrection”; and “Byzantine Naval History.” Price: $30.