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Iron and Oak - A Boardgaming Life Review

Mitchell Freedman @ The Boardgaming Life [related story]

Iron and Oak is a game of naval combat, with several  scenarios in the “brown water” rivers and bays where navigation can become a problem. So can the enemy forts that go on the edge of the map and can use plunging fire on the ships below.

Players might run into shoals and have to get their ship re-floated, or they could encounter mines or other obstructions, or powerful currents which can carry their ships where they don’t want to go. There are damage control parties, tables of critical hits, and – perhaps most important – die rolls which determine not only the results of combat, but whether a captain can move his ship at all.

Bad captain, green crew, shallow water…what could go wrong?

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Obscure Battles: Leuthen 1757

Maybe not the obscurist of Obscure Battles, but this new article on Frederick the Great’s self-proclaimed masterpiece, Leuthen, has some obscure takes on what actually might have happened. Plenty of what-ifs to wargame. Also new, detailed deployment maps, orders of battle, and graphics. [read article]


GrogHeads Readers' Choice Award Winners

GrogHeads would like to congratulate the winners of our Readers’ Choice Awards voting for games releaed in 2013.  Tabletop winners included The Hunters, Guns of the Askari (from ATO Magazine), and Wings of War WWI.  Digital game winners included Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, ARMA III, and Drive on Moscow.

Buried Treasures Out of Print Compass Games

During the recent Compass Games warehouse move, they discovered a hidden cache of components for some out of print games. We now have limited quantities of the following games:

Proud Monster Deluxe

No Peace Without Spain

Red Storm Over the Reich

They are only available directly from Compass Games.

Proud Monster Deluxe and No Peace Without Spain are being sold at their discounted pre-order prices: $100 for Proud Monster Deluxe, $45 for No Peace Without Spain.

Please note that quantities are limited, so now is your chance to own a copy of these out of print games. As these games need to be packaged, they will be ready to ship in March.


Backers fund Ares Magazine!

Backers pledged $26,185 to the Kickstarter campaign for Ares Magazine, sending the One Small Step Games project $1,185 over the goal in its final hours. OSS Games owner Michael Anderson, who is also editor-in-chief.“We learned a lot this month—not the least of which is that there are a lot of people out there who share our enthusiasm for this project. Our backers are our heroes.”

Anderson says the project team has already begun production for the full-size, science fiction magazine combined with a ready-to-play board game. The magazine has more than enough short fiction stories to fill the first issue, ranging from horror and fantasy to hard science fiction. Design details are being finalized for Bill Banks’ War of the Worlds, the flagship game.

“We send the files to the printer in April,” says Anderson, “and it should ship to subscribers by May 1.”

For those who missed getting in on the Kickstarter, OSS Games is offering preorders for subscriptions at reduced rates.

Uwe Eickert Interview

Keith Medlin @ Games on Tables had a chance to conduct a two-part interview Uwe Eickert to discuss his Fief: France 1429 Kickstarter and game. The interview was originally solely about that project, but quickly turned into an unprecedented view into the operation of a game publishing house. [Read Part I | Part II]

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Tiger vs. T34 trials in Band of Brothers

A look at armour combat in Band of Brothers. Norm Smith @ Battlefileds and Warriors.

Tabletop Workshop 28mm Medieval Range

Medieval Chapel Box

Tabletop Workshop has released a range of high quality 28mm hard plastic Medieval model buildings is finally set for release, starting with the Medieval Chapel and Cottage. They are both simple to paint and only require a few layers of dry-brushing before they are brought to life. Prices for miniatures buildings start around £16.50 .

To keep up to date with us, you can find Tabletop Workshop on Facebook, on Twitter and at  

GUISCARD: Cry Havoc, 30 years later!


Do you remember the medieval skirmish game Cry Havoc published in the 80’s? A winning combination of fun, quick gameplay with gorgeous hand-drawn characters and maps. This vintage game system has been resurrected by Historic’One, the publisher of the various game materials available on the Cry Havoc Fan website. The intent was to recreate the immersive touch of the original system while updating and upgrading the missile and combat rules which generated a lot of discussion back in the day. We wanted to pay homage to the game unique traits and hand drew all 928 character stances, 6 maps and numerous overlays, a 2-year project! 

GUISCARD is set in the 11th Century and depicts the epic conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily by Norman mercenaries led by Robert de Hauteville, nicknamed Guiscard (“the cunning”). The game features the various factions of the time including Byzantines, Lombards, Arabs, Germans, Slavs and of course Normans.

GUISCARD is now available and can be bought in the Shoppe of Cry Havoc Fan or through select resellers in France, the UK and the US.

New from Snowpunch. Musket Smoke is an iPad wargame inspired by Napoleonic warfare. Available for online live 2 player or local skirmish AI for solitaire play. Free download.

GrogHeads Readers Choice Award Voting

GrogHeads is holding their annual Readers Choice Award voting, based on nominations submitted throughout the year. Areas include tabletop and digital games, and there are consolidated ‘overall’ votes as individual categories. Please weigh in and have your voice heard, and don’t forget to nominate your favorites of 2014 as the year goes by.

Caesar's Battles: Bibracte Miniatures Replay

A report of Bibracte, 58 BC, using Phil Sabin’s Lost Battles and 15mm miniatures.


OSG Holiday Sale

Special offer from Operational Studies Group. Check out their latest postcard announcing their Holiday Sale which includes new preorder discounts in the Library of Napoleonic Battles.

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