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World at War #38: Ghost Division

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War issue #38 featuring the insert game, Ghost Division. Ghost Division is a solitaire game in which you, the player, takes command of General Erwin Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division during the drive across Belgium and France in those heady days of May and June of 1940. As your forces drive across the map, they will encounter various Allied Forces, represented by face down Fog of War and Allied Formation counters. When encountering an Allied Formation, play temporarily stops in order to resolve the Combat Sequence, with the game system generating forces that your own forces will have to defeat. Contents: One 22x34” map, 228 counters. Price: $30.

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World at War, Issue #34: British Guards Armour

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War, issue #34 is a special edition featuring the insert game, British Guards Armour, part of The Famous Divisions series. It brings tactics to an operational simulation and recreates four battles from 1944-45: Operations Goodwood and Veritable, Bonninghardt Ridge and Joe’s Bridge. The system offers a new concept: play is governed by drawing “Event Chits.” Combat isn’t simply resolved by comparing attack and defense strengths, but is modified by chit-draws that introduce elements of chaos. Price: $50.

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Operation Shingle: The Anzio Beachhead

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War, Issue #33 featuring the game, Operation Shingle: The Anzio Beachhead. This classic campaign is covered using the Fire & Movement system at one kilometer per hex and one day per turn. The standard unit is the infantry battalion, which can be strengthened by a multitude of tanks and other heavy weapons, plus fire support markers rated for different weapon types up to and including a massive heavy bomber strike.

Each player has several strategic options, kept secret from his opponent, to use the fight for the beachhead to further the larger campaign. All strategies and operations are constrained by limited logistics; players must balance carefully his expenditures for reinforcements, replacements, and fire support. The player who strikes the best balance, and who best utilizes the various weapons at his disposal, has the chance to achieve a war-changing victory. Price: $30.

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World at War #32: Pacific Battles, Nomonhan, 1939

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War, Issue #32 featuring the insert game, Pacific Battles: Nomonhan, 1939Pacific Battles is a wargame series of several campaigns in the Pacific Theater of operations in World War II. The system emphasizes the operational level of these campaigns, and deals with land and air operations. Nomonhan is the second game in the series (Japanese vs. Soviet), following the first game in the series, Guadalcanal (World at War issue #23); It covers the entire land-air campaign for the strategic Mongolian city of Nomonhan, May to September, 1939. The game includes 228 die-cut counters, and also includes air units, supply markers, campaign chits, suppression chits, deception markers, etc. Price: $30.

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World at War #31: Dubno, 1941

New from Strategy & Tactics PressWorld at War, Issue #31 featuring the insert game Dubno, 1941. During the opening days of Operation Barbarossa, the German First Panzer Group drove deep through the Ukraine with its ultimate objective the great city of Kiev. Leading the thrust was the 48th Panzer Corps. The Germans broke through the Soviet frontier defenses, but the Red Army quickly counterattacked with several mechanized corps. While the Germans were outnumbered, especially in tanks, they had superior command control and tactics, allowing them to defeat the Soviets piecemeal. Moreover, the Red Army at this stage of the war was in the midst of reorganization, and suffering from severe logistical shortfalls. Still, the Germans got a surprise when they ran up against T-34 and KV tanks which were far heavier than the German AFVs, and were largely impervious to their anti-tank fire, except for the infamous 88mm flak guns. Following several days of mobile battles, the Wehrmacht routed the Red Army. Yet, the Germans were delayed long enough to cost them a quick capture of Kiev, a failure which would have considerable ramifications in the next several months of the campaign. Components: One 22” x 34” map & 228 counters. Price: $30.

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World at War #30: Hinge of Fate

New from Strategy & Tactics PressWorld at War, Issue #30 featuring the insert game Hinge of Fate. This new game is primarily meant to examine the strategic alternative history possibilities inherent in the campaign that could’ve occurred within Poland and the Rhineland in September 1939 if the French had resolved to keep their promise to launch a “major offensive” into Germany within a week after that nation invaded Poland. The action in that scenario is fought on two maps, East and West, and also allows for the possibility of a last-minute change of side by Stalin. Price: $30.

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World at War #29: Norway 1940

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War, Issue #29 featuring the insert game Norway 1940. An operational level wargame based on the German campaign to conquer Norway. The operation was a combined naval-air-land campaign in which all elements of military power were utilized. The historic campaign saw a German victory, but at the cost of much of the Kreigsmarine. Norway, 1940’s system is based on S&T’s award winning Red Dragon Rising system. It has been crafted to present the campaign as a unitary vision rather than a strictly sequenced process. The action can alternately telescope or expand, representing periods of rapid activity alternating with the slower process of building up forces. Price: $30.

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World at War #28: Green Hell


New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War #28 featuring the insert game, Green Hell: Burma 1942-45, uses the popular Fire & Movement system (DG Folio Series) to examine two different situations in Burma during World War II: Operation Thursday and The Battle of the Admin Box. Operation Thursday simulates the British glider-borne assault into Burma in March 1944, after Gen. Slim ordered Gen. Wingate to land behind the Japanese lines to support the Allied offensive in Burma, particularly Gen. Stilwell’s advance to the strategic town of Myitkyina. The Battle of the Admin Box is a simulation of the Japanese infiltration that surrounded the Indian 7th Infantry Division, and was also moving to trap the Indian 5th Infantry Division in order to annihilate both before the arrival of the Indian 26th and British 36th Divisions from the north. Holding up the entire Japanese plan was the headquarters area of the Indian 7th Division, which formed a defensive perimeter known as the “Admin Box” in the village of Sinzweya. Issue Price: $30.

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World at War #27: Operations Olympic & Coronet


New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War issue #27 which features two insert games, Operations Olympic & Coronet. An update of the Olympic solitaire game first published in S&T along with the second complete game covering the planned follow-up invasion: Operation Coronet. The Olympic map has been updated to reflect better understanding of the tough and, in places, impassable terrain as well as the potential landing sites. The Coronet map shows the flat, wide-open Tokyo plain. The counters have also been updated with new information about the Japanese order of battle, especially their plan to move 36th Army to Kyushu as a counter- invasion force. This Special Edition package includes two full-sized (22x34”) maps of the two invasion areas and 560 counters. Both games can be played solitaire or two-player. Price: $50.

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Eisenbach Gap Deluxe Preorder

Preorder from Lock ‘n Load Publishing. Eisenbach Gap Deluxe includes all the components of both the original Eisenbach Gap and Death of First Panzer. Better still, the maps are mounted and the rules and player aid cards are full color. This is a great chance to dive into the popular World at War system with the first two modules packed in one box. Preorder Price: starting at $39.99.


World at War #26: Race to the Reichstag

New from Strategy & Tactics Press. World at War issue #26 featuring the insert game, Race to the Reichstag. The game is an innovative design that allows players to play both sides of two competing commands as the Red Army fights its way into Berlin during the closing days of World War II. There are two areas of operations for the Soviets and Germans, and each player runs one area for both sides, opposite his opponent (Battle for Germany-style). Players compete for reinforcing assets and to seize objectives, in an attempt to be the first to capture Berlin’s city center and end the war. Issue Price: $30.