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The Hunters Review

Rick Martin @ Armchair General

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A fantastic “game as history” narrative of B-17: Queen of the Skies. Enjoy Episode 1: “Maiden Mission” by Stuka Joe [watch @youtube]

Additional viewing: [Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4]

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The Hunters

New from Consim PressThe Hunters: German U-Boats at War, 1939-43 is a solitaire tactical level game placing you in command of a German U-boat during WWII. Those familiar with the classic Avalon Hill game title, B-17: Queen of the Skies, will come to enjoy the same type of gaming experience of the German U-boat War. All major U-boat models are accounted for with every level of detail including period of service, armaments, crew make-up, damage capacity, and more. Price: $40. [available direct through GMT Games]

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Ottoman Sunset review by Brad and Ömer of Claymore Division [watch @youtube]

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Carrier Replay

Dan W. @ BoardGameGeek


Picket Duty Preorder

Preorder from Legion Wargames. Picket Duty is a solitaire game where you — as the captain of a Fletcher Class destroyer — fend off kamikaze attacks while performing picket duty off Okinawa. The game covers the time period from late March 1945 to late June 1945. Your goal is simple — simply survive. Preorder Price: $45 (save $19). [watch product video]

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Wolfpack Replay

Dougie LB @ BoardGameGeek

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