Dien Bien Phu

New from Legion Wargames. Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble is a two-player game about the decisive battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 that not only ended the French Indochina war, but also had political repercussions far outside the region itself. One player represents France and her colonial troops. The other player represents the armed force of Viet Minh, the communist/nationalist independence movement of Vietnam. This is a cage fight. There are no victory points, there is no marginal victory and there is no draw.  Viet Minh wins by forcing the French troops to surrender. France wins by not surrendering. Preorder Price: $45 (save $17 but order today this offer expires on September 30th!).

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Desert Moon eBook

Desert Moon, a new book by Mark Walker

It’s 2341, and Earth (Terra) has expanded into a multi-planet confederation policed by the strong arm of the Terran Defense Force (TDF). Using potent biped weapon platforms called CATs, tanks, and power-armored troops, the TDF wages Terra’s wars. But machines are not enough, Terra also breeds soldiers to pilot her CATs. Faster, smarter, and bigger than natural born humans, the Purebreds are the ultimate warriors. Or are they? Get the kindle edition for only $4.99.

Kev Sharp @ The Big Board issues this “Fit to Fight” Challenge. He encourages us wargamers to get back in shape! Speaking for myself, I need to do the same and to help lower my rising blood sugar levels, so I’m going to accept Kev’s call to action. Kai and Chad Jensen as well as Michael Resch are definitely some of the most fit folks I’ve ever encountered, but it takes a commitment. Will you accept Kev’s Challenge and be Fit to Fight? [watch @youtube]

Line of Departure #75


New from Jim WerbanethLine of Departure #75 is a theme issue, covering Americans at War.  The articles inside cover:

  • Rebel Raiders on the High Seas (GMT) — Review
  • Squad Leader Series (Avalon Hill) — Analysis
  • Hamburger Hill and Operation Solace (Command magazine) — Analysis
  • Red Star/White Star (SPI) — Scenarios
  • The Vicksburg Campaign (TPS) — Preview

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Designer’s Journey: Beda Fomm to Hellfire Pass

Preview the Designer’s Notes for Hellfire Pass and gain insights into how Frank Chadwick has evolved the Beda Fomm game system to cover Operation Battleaxe and Brevity. Hellfire Pass is a Consim Press brand game and is now available for preorder through GMT Games. [read article]

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Hunted Cow Studios and Decision Games Forge Strategic Partnership

Hunted Cow Studios and Decision Games announced today their partnership to develop and release digital versions of Decision Games’ extensive library of wargames. The first title to be released will be an iPad and Mac version of Decision Games’ classic game, Rebels & Redcoats. Set during the American War of Independence, the game allows players to tackle some of the most important battles of the war.


Washington's Crossing Player Aid

Free download for Washington’s Crossing, published by Revolution Games. Download this Excel program designed to allow for faster combat calculations, and improved Leader troop strength and fatigue tracking. [download here | related story]

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IMMOLATION OFFER | Seven games for $90

High Flying Dice Games in association with Against the Odds Magazine is offering seven games for only $90. Check out this special offer that studies the sacrifice of the Panzerwaffe in the Allied Campaign across France, 1944.


if the japanese had captured miday,what effect on the war would it have had? — Asked by Anonymous

I have to respond to your question with another question. Does your scenario assume most of the Japanese carriers survived the operation? If so, that would have definitely impact the timeline and possibly the result of the war (i.e. if the roles were reversed and the Americans lost nearly all flat tops, that definitely changes things! [Read this discussion]


Day in History: 9 September


Day in History: 3 September

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La Bataille de Friedland 1807

New from Marshal Enterprises. La Bataille de Friedland 1807 recreates on a grand scale the classic contest between Imperial France and the Fourth Coalition fought on 14 June 1807.

Marshal Enterprises, which published La Bataille de Leipzig 1813 in October 2013 and designed La Bataille de Vauchamps published in ATO Magazine earlier in 2014, releases this latest in the series of the La Bataille system with a masterful recreation of one of Napoleon’s most misunderstood victories.

In 1807, Napoleon had just spent the last eight months fighting both the Prussians and the Russians throughout Prussia and Poland in the toughest fighting the French had faced up until that time during Napoleon’s rule. The Russians were led by General Levin August von Bennigsen, the crafty Hanoverian in Russian service, who had fought Napoleon virtually to a draw in February 1807 at Eylau; and then in June, just few days earlier prior to the climactic battle at Friedland, Bennigsen had punished the French with huge losses at Heilsberg, setting the stage for the major battle of 1807. The Russians had proven themselves to be the most stubborn foes Napoleon had faced. The battle at Friedland would only reinforce that perception.

La Bataille de Friedland 1807 includes 4 full color maps and over a 1000 counters. Along with the many organizational charts and player guides, the Premier Rules; the Special Game Rules; Orders of Battle; and many special editorial features will be on a CD for easy play and reference. The main battle is accompanied with multiple scenarios and features 4 maps. 4 countersheets, 2 informational counter sheets, organizational charts and instructional / informational CD. Also included is the revolutionary Le Siege de Danzig, a complete game in and of itself. Only 400 copies of this game are being printed, so get yours today! Price: $150 [order here].

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Ici c'est la France!, 2nd Edition

New from Legion WargamesIci c’est la France!, 2nd Edition features upgrades to nearly all components and covers the French insurgency war against the FLN in Algeria during 1954-62. There are three distinct factions of this simulation, Political, Insurgency, and Miltary, which are brilliantly interwoven such that it is the balance of these three factions that is the key to victory. One player is the FLN who will have units of three qualities, Moussebilines, Moudjahidines, and Zonal Commandos. The other player is France who will have both regular and elite regiments of Infantry, Mechanized, Paratroop, and Foreign Legion troops. Preorder Price: $40 (save $16 but order today before this offer expires!).

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